I think I can get a little more than .49 cents for a Mule cup.
The old William Tell routine. Protective eyeware (read: Raybans) was used. #safetyfirst
For sale at a thrift store, one slightly used mule cup. I shit you not.
Part 1 of a vast and outdated media collection. I started collecting long before you could just find anything you’d ever want to see or hear on the internet. Now I’ve been lugging it all around with me for so long I can’t bear to admit that there’s little use for any of it and have developed a fondness for the quirky junk I could never throw out.


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Blade Runner, 1982; Dir: Ridley Scott.

“Jarvis’s holographic keyboard designs were replete with exotic symbols and undefined characters. Meinerding adapted keyboard characters from sources as diverse as mythology and electrical engineering figures…The net result of such subtleties reinforces that the mind of Tony Stark is so advanced that he and Jarvis are essentially speaking to each other in a language uniquely their own.” - The Art of Iron Man